Hot Tub Policy

  • Hot tubs may be used until 10pm.
  • Please shower before use as certain chemicals in make up, fake tan, deodorants etc can affect the clarity and quality of the water in the hot tub.
  • Our hot tubs are set to approximately 38 degrees Celsius, which is the recommended temperature for safe use. Please ensure you are adequately hydrated and limit your duration of use. It is also advisable to have someone with you when using the hot tub.
  • Take regular breaks as the body temperature rises with prolonged use. This is especially important with children.
  • Please do not use the hot tub under the influence of alcohol as the effects can be magnified due to the heat and environment of the hot tub.
  • Do not consume alcohol when using the hot tub and do not take bottles or glass in to the hot tub. Broken glass poses a serious risk and is impossible to see in the water. If any accidents do  happen, please notify a member of staff immediately.  
  • Please take extra care when entering/ exiting the hot tub as the steps may be wet and slippery.
  • Do not immerse your head in the hot tub water as this can increase the chance of infection or drowning.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hot tub.
  • Please replace the cover when not in use as this will retain the temperature and prevent items from blowing in to the hot tub.
  • Please report any hot tub damage or faults  to management immediately.
  • Do not place items on the lid of the hot tub.
  • Overuse or abuse will cause the water to deteriorate and turn cloudy and could render the tub unusable. If this does occur, please notify management immediately as the hot tub could require to be emptied and refilled for safe use. Any abuse of the hot tub will result in an additional charge to your deposit.
  • The owners take no responsibility for illness or skin conditions that may arise from use of the hot tub.
  • The lead guest is responsible for ALL guests in the party and this is confirmed when paying the booking deposit.

NOTE TO PARENTS: It is your responsibility to enforce the hot tub rules of safety to all those using the hot tub during your stay. At the time of paying your deposit to confirm your booking, you have confirmed agreement of our terms and conditions and hot tub safety guidelines. The guidelines are linked in the email to each guest at the time of booking and are also enclosed in the lodge information folder.

Our staff have Bishta accredited hot tub water management qualifications. In accordance with HSE regulations we will regularly check the water in your hot tub during your stay.